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Maker's Story - Jemimah, F.R.E.E.

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Maker's Story - Jemimah, F.R.E.E.

Jemimah came to F.R.E.E as a volunteer while she was still completing her degree at the University of Zambia. She studied Library Information Science and Development Studies. Rather than pursue a job in that field, Jemimah chose to pursue jewellery making with F.R.E.E. and asked if she could join the group. She is interested in entrepreneurship and says, "I have decided to centre my focus on making jewellery because I have a passion for making unique and authentic jewellery and would love to see more of our Zambian people appreciate these extremely beautiful pieces of art. I believe the type of jewellery a person wears tells a significant story about them and I am excited to be part of creating the story."

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