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    Linking Makers & Markets

    From arts, fashion, crafts, and everything in between. Bringing together the creative forces of Zambia

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    Linking Makers & Markets

    Collaboratively exhibiting multiple artists under one roof.

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    Linking Makers & Markets

    Stop in for a coffee, and embrace the authenticity of street food in Zambia.

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    A positive and creative space focused on uniting and supporting Zambian makers.

    A collective dedicated to the development and promotion of the best of Zambian design. It is with great pride that we hold space in the marketplace to bring the stories and products of our artisans to you and your friends. 

    Our makers' stories

    • July 17, 2020 Maker's Story - Jemimah, F.R.E.E.
      Maker's Story - Jemimah, F.R.E.E.

      Jemimah is interested in entrepreneurship and says, "I have decided to centre my focus on making jewellery."

      "I have a passion for making unique and authentic jewellery and would love to see more of our Zambian people appreciate these extremely beautiful pieces of art. I believe the type of jewellery a person wears tells a significant story about them and I am excited to be part of creating the story."

    • July 17, 2020 Maker's Story - Crespin Siamubanga
      Maker's Story - Crespin Siamubanga

      He is a self taught artist and believes that his creativity stems from his late father. 

      Local design craft papier-mâché figurines by Crespin Siamubanga depict everyday life in Zambia. His intricately sculptured figures can take up an average of  eight hours to complete. 

    • July 17, 2020 Maker's Story - Natasha Evans, Visual Artist
      Maker's Story - Natasha Evans, Visual Artist

      "Art to me is innate.  It has to resonate, and at the very least, it has to be honest."

      Natasha is a contemporary mixed media artist whose work originates from her innate responses to the world around her. Process is a fundamental element of her pieces, which range from purely abstract to figurative, from multimedia collage on canvas to ink on paper.

    • July 17, 2020 Maker's Story - The Amazing Grace
      Maker's Story  - The Amazing Grace

      The amazing Grace! Why are the Mulberry Mongoose ladies called courageous?

      Working in the heart of the Zambian bush is not for sissy's for a start. We frequently chase baboon out of the shop or run inside as elephant are passing within metres of our woodwork area. One day we were sat peacefully at our desks when an elephant's head appeared through the door; it was a mixture of noise (the door split into pieces), amusing, wonderful and terrifying!


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