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Our Adventure

Hello Friends .....

How it all began.....

Travel with us as we take you on an adventure through Zambian lands rich in community and vibrancy.

Weaving our way between worlds, Lusaka Collective was born. A journey that began through friendship, joint travels and hours of midnight conversations.

It was our dream is to collaboratively support , develop and promote the best of Zambian design while bringing together the stories of her makers from all walks of life.

“It has been one wild adventure!” Our hearts are humbled, our minds stretched and our eyes opened. We are proud to be working alongside some of the most talented creatives, sharing their stories, growing together and at the same time providing a platform for growth and opportunity amidst the uncertainty of today's world.

Thank you to each and everyone as well as the incredible friends we have made along the way including our team members that support our project ( meet them below)  Musonda , Leonard and Angela.

This is only the start, here's to the next chapter, the next adventure and the road ahead...