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"The real question is not whether life exsists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death." Osho 

Warmest Regards From Africa “shares photographic moments and text selected from François d’Elbèe assignments and personal works.

Culture and traditions, humanitarian issues, wildlife and conservation, fashion and portraiture and some of his digital art are amongst the themes of his unique photographic vision.

Born in Paris, François has been living in Africa since the late 1960’s. His previous publications include…Wild Life, One Vallée Protègèe, Busanga. The Bush and Eye…He was knighted in 2006 by the French Ministry of culture for his photographic achievements in Africa         

A note from the photographer himself,

My childhood dreams made me pack my bags and leave Paris for Africa on a one wa ticket. This was in the late 60's and all i wanted to do then was to follow the footsteps of the old hunters and explorers. It took me a few years to burn out my urge for adventure before I realised that Africa was not all about charging hunters and gun bearers. 

Later through my photographic work I coud see Karen Blixens romantic vision of the continentof "....wisdom, poetry and dignity" fading away, as Africa was facing new challenges...the aid controversy, the confusing mix of cultural heritage and social media, the deforestation and the carbon credit, the AIDS generation leaving thousands of uneducated orphans...and still, in most countries the irreversible reduction of wildlife due to human pressure, poaching or greed; despite the millions of dollars spent on conservation .... 

to be continued .....