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Dusk till Dawn, Zambian night skies is a book that illustrates the incredible beauty that Zambia has to offer within its vast expanse of largely unpolluted night sky landscapes.

With the intention of inspiring its audience, it brings you into the less well-known territory of this magnificent land. A call to action for the viewer to go outside and take in the glories of the night and its constantly changing vibrancy and mystique, wherever they may be, inspiring the same admiration our ancestors must have felt themselves, gazing up into the huge open spaces called night.

Excerpt by Sport Beattie Founder of Game Rangers International

For most humans, nighttime represents the end of another day, happy or sad, long or hard. It is a time to pause and reflect, to prepare for tomorrow, to relax and unwind and, finally, as our eyelids grow heavy, it is time to sleep.

Most of us will spend almost a third of our entire lives asleep at night! Yet, as you will discover in the pages of this amazing book, it is during these hours of darkness when so many incredible and magical things are happening all around us and right above us in the night sky.

 Game Rangers International is the subject of Linda’s conservation fund raiser within these pages. $20 for every book sold will go directly towards their organisation. They are a nonprofit conservation organisation that take on a holistic approach in what they do, embracing resource protection, community outreach and wildlife rescue. The first chapter in the book is dedicated in images to the after hour work into the night that the organisation dedicates itself to.

The subjects of Linda’s 290 x 290 mm book are 100 beautifully captured single frame photographs highlighting Zambia’s irresistibly charming, unpolluted night skies. All of the images captured have camera settings to go with them thus encouraging the viewer to get out into the dark spaces and try these single frame techniques for themselves. The images have been taken around the countries Ten Provinces and showcase these vast open expanses in all of their glory. Linda s aim when compiling this book was to make sure there was an interest within its pages for everyone who has had the chance to live in , visit or travel Zambia and to inspire those have not yet!

Linda too has hand illustrated eight water colour maps to help the viewer navigate their way around the people, nature and places that have been captured.

Dusk till Dawn is a hard back, large format, Photographic coffee table, Fine Art book with a fine linen finish which is imbedded with the photographer’s name and title.

It sports an anti-scuff matt laminated jacket.

The content within its 156 pages is printed on the finest quality 170 gsm glossy art paper and printed by EBS Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei, Italy.

First published December 2022 by Envisage books. Printed and bound by EBS Editorial, Italy.