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Elevate your style with the extraordinary Rising Mbira Sunrise Necklace – a true showstopper inspired by the diverse culture of Africa and its traditional musical marvel, the "mbira."

Every strand of this necklace is a work of art, meticulously hammered and moulded from up-cycled hot water heaters (geysers). Beginning as a gorgeous copper piece, it undergoes a breathtaking transformation into a statement design with a luxurious gold-plated finish.

Handcrafted with passion, the Rising Mbira Sunrise Necklace is a masterpiece where every link and clasp is a testament to skilled artisanal work. More than just an accessory, it's a creation that empowers women, fosters trade, and serves as inspiration for others. Made in Zambia, it proudly echoes the richness of Zambian culture.

Adjustable for a perfect fit, the closure features a link chain and clasp, catering to various neck sizes, with a striking 30cm drop length that demands attention.

Embrace the uniqueness of each piece as the handcrafted touch introduces variations in colour, size, and design. Purchasing two? Anticipate slight differences that add character and charm. Note: Colours may vary slightly between the product and your computer screen.

The Rising Mbira Sunrise Necklace is not just an accessory; it's a bold statement, a celebration of craftsmanship, empowerment, and the cultural tapestry of Zambia. Wear it proudly and let your style speak volumes.