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Over the course of 2020, Everyday Lusaka worked on its inaugural collaborative project with a Cape Town-based Zambian artist Visule Kabunda. For Everyday Lusaka, this collaboration stemmed from a wish to explore artistic collaborations that explore the intersection of the universality and individuality of the extra-ordinary moments we live everyday.

In this series, Kabunda uses Everyday Lusaka photographs to create digital collages that explore his relationship with Lusaka.

“This project stems from a desire to explore my childhood and construct an understanding of my personal history. My experiences and memories of Lusaka find expression in a series of deeply sentimental photomontages that narrate aspects of my upbringing. This theme of childhood is explored through intimate depictions of everyday life in my birth country and the place I call home – Lusaka, Zambia.

Visual elements particular to this body of work explore feelings of consciousness and where the self is located in the body. The motifs in this series visually explore the physical basis of thoughts being secondary to sensory perception in the body. Photomontage in this body of work is an extension of how I want to remember my childhood and the memories attached to it – freely constructing them back together piece by piece. Additionally, the process of photo-montaging is cutting and joining, putting images where they were not originally, but trying to imagine them as one – which speaks to the unconstrained nature childhood, a central theme in this body of work.”


Printed on Hahnemühle fine art photo rag paper
Size: A3 (297 x 420 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 inches)

Ngombe x Matero – Photographs by Sana Ginwalla
Collage by Visule Kabunda