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Hand crochet sienna clutch , a soft silhouette with a clutch handle for comfortable hold. Crafted from intricately crochet off cuts of chitenge (cotton material)  reflecting artisanal craftsmanship from a grassroots project in Ng’ombe, Zambia called Chikumbuso that  provides an alternative lifestyle to the most vulnerable women and children in the township. 

Chikumbuso provides free schooling for the children, as well as adult training and capacity building, income generating activities and community building programs.The word Chikumbuso means "Remembrance". We Remember those who have died, Remember where we have come from, and Remember to do for others.We are able to accomplish this as we reach out to widows, orphans, at-risk youth, and grandmothers. By purchasing this product you contribute 50% to the Chikumbuso Community as you too remember to do for others!

*This is a one of a kind product and we therefore  guarantee can be made on a repeat, due to the handmade nature, variations in colour & slight variations in size are expected.