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Say hello to healthy happy hair !
Our unique blend of oils, all sourced from around Africa is going to make this hair oil your new favourite product. A product for all hair types and the great news is that its all NATURAL
What goes in and why it works :
Avocado: loaded with vitamins that moisturise, soothe and smooth. 
Baobab: Packed with nutrients and long lasting repair.
Coconut: Easily absorbed increasingly moisturising and protects from daily pollution and sun damage 
Jojoba: Resembles the sculpts natural oil protection to keep a healthy balance and enhance shine
Macadamia: Macadamia unusually high in omega 7 promoting healthy hair growth whilst being wonderfully softening combined with neroli, rose and ylang ylang essential oils for calm and balance so that it's just a complete pleasure to use. 
Details of container : 
Glass bottle with plastic spray nozzle and detachable plastic lid.
Length: 10 cm 
Width: 1.52 cm 
Height: 3 cm 
Volume: 60ml 
Weight: 0.11g

Important notice: *may contain traces of nuts