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A touch of bohemian glamour. Handcrafted copper cuff with a unique turquoise patina speckle made from recycled copper. Each piece of copper is moulded into its near perfect form that will comfortably shape around and accommodate most wrists. A protective sealant is also applied to preserve its unique look.

Measurements: Adjustable and will accommodate most wrist sizes.

Care: Patina jewellery does require special care to retain the finish. Although sealed, the patina will change with wear. To protect the patina do not expose jewellery to water, chemicals, lotions, or soaps. Heavy wear will also affect the longevity of the patina.

*Due to the handmade nature, variations in colour & slight variations in size are expected.



These pieces of jewellery are made by a group of empowering women in developing nations to live in financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom; imparting foundational biblical truths of dignity, value, and worth; partnering to build sustainable enterprises.