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Have you had the privilege of visiting Zambia or her neighbouring countries?

A top of the list on your travel itinerary if it is not already there !! For those that have, Im sure you spotted the many bicycles along the side of the road and the mind blowing loads that people are able to transport. Such an incredible balancing skills.

Intricately sculptured mini figurines made from papier mâché and a wire frame that are inspired by everyday life in Zambia. These figurines make a great souvenir and gift and will truly bring back memories of your travel experience. This particular figurine is of a female cyclist transporting her basket of tomatoes a common produce amongst Zambian farmers. These sculptures are formed by hand from start to finish by a young gentleman known as Chrispin and his small emerging team. Read more about his journey here

Length : 178mm
Width: 64cm 
Height: 188mm
Weight: 0.03kg

*Due to the handmade nature, variations in colour & slight variations in size are expected with each sculpture.