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The elegance of the guinea hens running free in the wild - prized creatures by farmers for naturally controlling insects that threaten plants and livestock or the way in which they rule the roadside with their busy anarchy. 

Each of these pieces are handmade and dried in the traditional African clay methods using a mud style oven. They are baked and then treated and brought to life with paint detail. 

Hand Painted Guinea fowl family size range varies from xtra small to xtra xtra large. 
Approx Measurements: 
  • XS  - 6cm H X 5cm W / Approx weight: 0.05kg
  • SL   - 7cm H X 7cm W / Approx weight : 0.1kg
  • M    -10cm H X 9cm W / Approx weight : 0.16kg
  • L     - 40cm H X 12cm W / Approx weight : 0.35kg
  • XL   - 22cm H X 15cm W / Approx weight :1.28kg 
  • XXL - 23cmH x 19cm W/ Approx weight : 1.38kg

*Due to the handmade nature, variations in colour & slight variations in size are expected.